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Highlights from the Ackland Art Museum Collection

 Highlights from the Ackland Art Museum Collection


The collection of the Ackland Art Museum now includes approximately 19,000 works of art. The Museum makes acquisitions on the basis of three criteria:

  1. Artistic excellence (compelling visual form and thematic content),
  2. Relationship to the existing collection and the exhibition program, and
  3. Potential for teaching and learning.

In the words of an early mission statement, the Museum acquires objects “chosen for their quality and their ability to convey the breadth of human achievement in the visual arts.” This encyclopedic ambition has given the Museum a substantial collection well-suited for our diverse communities. The collection forms the foundation for our exhibition program and our service to University students and faculty.

Study for Idrissa Ndiaye

ARTIST: Kehinde Wiley(American, born 1977)


MEDIUM: Oil wash on paper

CULTURE: American

COLLECTIONS: Modern and Contemporary

An Iznik Pottery Dish

ARTIST: Unidentified

DATEc. 1570

MEDIUM: Iznik ware fritware with polychrome painting under transparent glaze


Gift of the William E. Shipp Estate, by exchange

St. John the Evangelist

ARTIST: Valentin de Boulogne(French, 1591-1632)

DATEc. 1622-1623

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas


The William A. Whitaker Foundation Art Fund


ARTIST: Louis Stone(American, 1902-1984)

DATE: 1950

MEDIUM: oil on canvas

CULTURE: American

Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lane Stokes

Portrait of Mary Emma Jones

ARTIST: Emma Sandys(British, 1843-1877)


MEDIUM: Oil on board

CULTURE: British

Gift of Lauren M. Sanford in honor of Professor Mary D. Sheriff

Perforated Screen

ARTISTUnidentified Artist

DATEc. 1605-27

MEDIUM: Sandstone


PERIOD: Jahangir period

Special Acquisition Fund

The Wave

: Émile Bernard(French, 1868-1941)


MEDIUM: Oil on pulpwood board, mounted on canvas


Ackland Fund Conservation treatment for this painting, completed in 1993, was made possible by the William Hayes Ackland Trust.


ARTIST: Karl Knaths(American, 1891-1971)

DATEc. 1967

MEDIUM:Oil on canvas

CULTURE: American

Bequest of Charles and Isabel Eaton

Eagle Eye

ARTIST: Nam June Paik(South Korean, active in the United States, 1932-2006)


MEDIUM: antique slide projector, aluminum, computer keyboards, eye chart, neon, 9 five-inch televisions, 2 nine-inch televisions, dvd player, dvd

CULTURE:South Korean, American

Ackland Fund

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