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Tar Heel Pumpkin Stencils

Halloween is fast approaching and you have yet to carve a single pumpkin? Try one of our Tar Heel Pumpkin Stencils! They're a great way to rep Carolina during the spooky season! 🎃 We'd love to see your Carolina creation, so tag @HereatUNC on Twitter or Instagram and use #TarHeelPumpkins when you post your photos! Download […]

A Taste of Chapel Hill at Home: Thanksgiving Recipes

Bring a taste of Chapel Hill to your dinner table this holiday season with recipes straight from the kitchen of classic Carolina restaurant staples. Here are some fun, delicious recipes to try from Lantern, Ghost Kitchen and the Catering Company of Chapel Hill! Juicy Satsuma Orange Cakefrom Andrea Reusing, chef/owner of Lantern. Lantern has a […]

Building the Support Working Moms Need

Blessing Adesiyan '19 (MBA) is the founder and CEO of Mother Honestly, a platform that is reimagining how women build better careers and happier homes. Her network of over 300,000 ambitious mothers includes career professionals, thought-leaders, CEOs, technology founders and more. She is raising three young children with her husband. And then there’s the startup that […]

Carolina is Now on Spotify

Scroll through the images above for a sneak peek at the UNC Spotify playlists. Previous Next Carolina has launched a new Spotify account! Made by Tar Heels, for Tar Heels, these curated playlists are fit for any occasion — relaxing in the Quad, enjoying a show at Carolina Performing Arts and more.  Stay connected to […]

Carolina Valentines + Zoom Backgrounds

It's always a great day to spread some love the Carolina way, but there's no better time than Valentine's Day. Send these Tar Heel valentines to someone you adore, or share these Carolina-themed notes with your socially distanced friends on Instagram and Twitter. Don't forget to tag @hereatunc! Happy Valentine's Day, Tar Heels! Carolina Valentines […]

Your Relationship with Food Begins with Your Family

UNC Health Talk, January 15, 2021 Finish all your vegetables. You can’t have dessert until you clean your plate. That’s bad for you. You’ve been good, have a treat. These are some pretty common phrases that we’ve likely heard from our parents and grandparents and maybe even uttered to our own kids. They are usually […]

Rameses Holiday Crafts and Festive Coloring Pages

While this holiday season will look different for many of us, we hope that you will be able to spend time with loved ones. With this in mind, here are some fun, Carolina-themed activities to do with family and friends to help you celebrate, including if you’re doing so virtually. We hope you enjoy bringing […]

DIY Holiday Ornaments + Tar Heels Together Ornament Stencils

Bring your Carolina family together to enjoy this fun and festive craft for the holidays. Kid-friendly and easy to make, DIY salt dough ornaments can be made using ingredients you already have in your cabinet! These special creations make great keepsakes, can be used to decorate your home, or even gifted to loved ones. Use […]

How to Practice Gratitude: Notice. Think. Feel. Do

By Andrea Hussong, The Well, Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 Carolina psychologist Andrea Hussong writes about empathy and offers practical ways to practice gratitude in our lives. Andrea Hussong When we feel in control and are acutely aware of our success, we can overlook how other factors may have contributed to that success. Factors such as […]

Tar Heels Together Jack-O’-Lantern Stencils

Previous Next Halloween is just around the corner!  Now is the perfect time to gather your loved ones for an afternoon of fall pumpkin carving. Channel your Tar Heel spirit with these Carolina themed Jack O' Lantern Stencils. Don't forget to post your lanterns with  #TarHeelsTogether and tag @HereAtUNC. Happy Halloween Tar Heels! Download Stencils […]