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Up Close with Nikole Hannah-Jones

{ "channelId" : 18308, "language": "en-US", "commId" : 421070, "displayMode" : "standalone", "height" : "auto" } Join us for a conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning author Nikole Hannah-Jones '03 MA and Carolina professor Jim Leloudis '77, '89 (Ph.D.). They will discuss Nikole's Carolina story, her career - specifically her award winning work on The 1619 […]

Well Read with David Zucchino and William Sturkey

{ "channelId" : 18308, "language": "en-US", "commId" : 431038, "displayMode" : "standalone", "height" : "auto" } Join Elaine L. Westbrooks, Vice Provost and University Librarian in conversation with Pulitzer Prize winner, David Zucchino and UNC associate professor of history, William Sturkey. This second installment of Well Read will cover David’s time as a contributing foreign […]