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Life After the Storm: Building Resilience in North Carolina

{ "channelId" : 18308, "language": "en-US", "commId" : 476435, "displayMode" : "standalone", "height" : "auto" } Meet the Presenters: Greg Characklis, PhDDirector, Center on Financial Risk in Environmental Systems Diamond HollomanDoctoral Candidate in the Environment, Ecology, and Energy Program at UNC-CH Elizabeth Frankenberg, PhDDirector, Carolina Population Center Meet the Moderator: Mike Piehler, PhDDirector, UNC Institute for […]

Can Masks Help with Allergies?

UNC Health Talk March 31, 2021 One silver lining of wearing masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 has been the prevention of other viruses, such as the flu. In fact, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms a significantly lower rate of the flu during the pandemic. So can masks help alleviate allergies this spring, […]