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UNC Health Experts Answer Vaccine Questions

 UNC Health Experts Answer Vaccine Questions

At two recent town halls, doctors and researchers discussed the three vaccines in use, their effectiveness and which is best for you.

Scott Jared, The Well, Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Medical experts from UNC Health presented the latest information about COVID-19 vaccines and answered questions from Carolina staff, students and faculty in two recent town halls.

“Our public health and infectious disease researchers here at Carolina are at the forefront of this work. As I’ve said many, many times over the past year, they are clearly the best,” Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz said as he introduced the speakers. “We’re fortunate to have them by our side every day.

“Why did Dr. Anthony Fauci say ‘yes’ to being our commencement speaker in May? It’s because he knows the impact of our research and the impact it’s had on the world over these past several months,” Guskiewicz said.

Dr. David Weber and Audrey Pettifor spoke March 9. On March 10, Weber and Dr. Sylvia Becker-Dreps presented.

“The most important vaccine is the one you can get,” Weber said. “All the vaccines are incredibly effective at stopping the consequences of COVID-19.”

Watch the March 9 town hall above or the March 10 session below.

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